Modi lashes out at Sonia Gandhi for not doing enough for the poor

Kheda (Gujarat), Dec. 12 (ANI): Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday lashed out at Congress Party president Sonia Gandhi for not doing for the poor of the country.

Addressing an election rally in Gujarat's Kheda District, Modi said: "Sonia Gandhi, you are responsible for the deteriorating condition of the poor in Gujarat. You have insulted them. The time has come to uproot the Congress party in the elections."

Gujarat will vote in a staggered election on December 13 and December 17. A narrow victory for Modi, or a shock defeat, would probably scupper his chances of leading the BJP into the 2014 general elections.

Modi also said that the fate of Gujarat is in the hands of the common people.

"You have to take the decision on whom you will entrust the responsibility of Gujarat? The future of Gujarat is in your hands. You will have to decide that who will run Gujarat, who will take the development further, who will bring fame to Gujarat? You have to take this decision," he said.

Modi's record in Gujarat - strong governance, job creation and promises of more affordable housing and healthcare - strikes a chord with middle-class voters who form the BJP's traditional support base.

During the rally, Modi urged the youth of the state to cast their vote in his favour if they want to secure they future.

"I urge hundreds of youth to vote in large numbers with an aim to secure your future. I believe that I will live upto to your expectations," Modi stated.

Modi, who is contesting from Ahmedabad's Maninagar seat, will lock horns with Congress candidate Shweta Bhatt.

Shweta Bhatt is the wife of suspended IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt, who is best known for alleging that Modi had asked the state police to go slow against rioters in the 2002 Gujarat riots. (ANI)