Modi-Jinping meeting: Here's what Tibetan Parliament-in-exile members have to say

Looking forward to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's China visit to meet President Xi Jinping, Member of Tibetan Parliament-in-exile, Dolma Tsering said that she expects PM Modi to stress upon the human rights violations in Tibet. "He (PM Modi) is a person who has closely observed the struggle of Tibet and he is a man of knowledge of historical facts about the condition of Tibet so despite all their interests of finance and development I am just hoping that Mr. Modi will stress on the human rights situation in Tibet because the self immolation of 152 Tibetans are not hidden to the PM of India and this should be a concern to all civilized societies and he being a leader I hope that he will raise this question and ask China to show their accountability in respect to the human rights situation inside Tibet," said Tsering. On the other hand, Tibetan activist Lobsang Wangyal expressed his thoughts by saying that PM Modi's visit to China is very crucial, considering the stand of India and china over the Doklam issue. "The visit is very significant and very crucial considering the stand of India and china over the Doklam issue. So it's very good that the situation is pacified and they are on a forward looking forward marching process so I think it is very good for both the countries," said Wangyal.