Modi inaugurates submarine Optical Fibre Cable connecting Chennai and Port Blair

Madhuri Adnal
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New Delhi, Aug 10: PM Narendra Modi on Monday inaugurated the submarine Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) connecting Chennai and Port Blair via video conferencing.

The submarine cable will also connect Port Blair to Swaraj Dweep (Havelock), Little Andaman, Car Nicobar, Kamorta, Great Nicobar, Long Island, and Rangat.

Addressing via video conference, Modi said,''Completing the work of laying 2,300 km long cable undersea before the scheduled time is praiseworthy. Deep-sea surveys, maintaining cable quality and laying cable using special ships is not easy.''

He said,''This optical fibre cable project, connecting Andaman & Nicobar with rest of the country is symbol of our commitment towards ease of living. Be it online classes, tourism, banking, shopping or telemedicine, thousands of families in Andaman-Nicobar will now get its access.''

Ahead of submarine OFC launch, PM Modi says its a 'special day for Andaman and Nicobar Islands'

''Tourists going to Andaman will get a huge benefit of this facility because better net connectivity has become the first priority of any tourist destination,'' the Prime Minister said.

''High Impact Projects are being expanded in 12 islands of Andaman and Nicobar. The major problem of mobile & internet connectivity has been resolved today. Apart from this, physical connectivity through road, air & water is also being strengthened,'' Modi said.

''After a period of three decades, India's first deep-draft greenfield seaport at West Coast has received principal approval. Construction work of deep-draft inner harbour is also underway at East Coast,'' he also added.

Ahead of the launch, Modi had tweeted to say it's a very special day for the residents of the islands. He also said that the OFC will provide "high-speed broadband connectivity and a big boost for the local economy".

On Sunday, while interacting with BJP workers of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the PM said that internet connectivity in the islands will go through a sea change after the launch of the facility. It is expected to deliver faster and more reliable mobile and landline telecom services at par with other parts of the country.

Foundation stone for this project was laid by the Prime Minister on 30th December 2018 at Port Blair.

Provision of reliable, robust, and high-speed telecom and Broadband facilities in these Islands will be a landmark achievement from the viewpoint of islanders as well as for strategic and governance reasons.

Due to satellite linkage there is only a fixed bandwidth of 3.2 GBPS available in the islands which will be hiked by more than 100 times. A 400 GBPS bandwidth would now be available initially with the commencement of the project

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