Modern marriages to last as long as ever

London, Feb 9 (ANI): Modern couples are not turning their backs on marriage, as divorce rates has come down, a new study has revealed.

In fact, couples who marry this year and clock up a decade of married life, are just as likely as their grandparents to make it through to their golden wedding anniversary.

Researchers have found that the divorce rate for couples after 10 years of marriage is the same as it was in the previous 40 years, the Daily Express reported.

One in five couples divorce after 10 years but the likelihood of a marriage ending in divorce shrinks with each decade.

A tiny two percent of marriages end in divorce after 30 years and it goes down to 0.5 per cent after 40 years.

Harry Benson of the Marriage Foundation, which commissioned the study, said: "There's the same chance a couple who marry in 2013 will keep the vow 'until death do us part' as in the 1970s." (ANI)