Models, Musician, Dancers, Photographers and More Professionals Are Finding Career Opportunities on ‘Utalan’

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Industries fueled by creative visionaries and brilliant minds have witnessed the importance of a helping hand in the realization of a dream or the pursuit of a goal. Although having the raw skills and abilities is an advantage, it is not enough to lead aspiring individuals to the pinnacle of their careers. For this reason, Utalan Inc. took on the challenge of creating a platform that would give creatives the push they need to succeed.

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In this day and age, commercial space has been more competitive than ever. As a matter of fact, the entrepreneurial landscape has become so saturated with established names and prominent figures that it has become even more difficult for aspirants and dreamers to make a name for themselves. Fortunately, Utalan Inc. built an avenue that would serve as the breeding ground for success-driven creatives and visionary leaders from across the globe.

Widely acknowledged for its sterling reputation, Utalan Inc. is built around the pillars of excellence, integrity, and trustworthiness. With its outstanding performance and unmatched professionalism, and with a robust team of professionals like CEO and co-founder Bagaza Yves at the core, the company is grounded on giving dreamers endless opportunities and multiple resources for their respective endeavors. In this way, these aspiring individuals can get the breakthrough and recognition they deserve.

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Utalan is an esteemed digital booking platform for creators, such as models, influencers, musical artists, and public figures. It aims to cater to the needs of these individuals by allowing them to book and find fellow creators to work with on any of their desired projects and envisioned plans. Through its profile, clients can sign up with a creator profile and input their social media handles, pictures and videos, descriptions, services, pricing. In addition, the company also helps in managing creators’ calendars and schedules.

As a digital booking platform, Utalan Inc. has three main features. Under the ‘profile’ feature, creators can sign up with a creator profile where they can put up their social media handles, post pictures, upload videos, describe the services they offer, and many more. With the ‘job or casting’ feature, directors can post a casting call. Lastly, the ‘tour’ feature is designed for creators, such as artists, public figures, and other creators who tour around different cities, towns, or countries.

Determined to take creators to greater heights, Utalan Inc. is grounded on building careers and providing aspirants with the tools and resources necessary for them to monetize their crafts and talents. Its goal is to create a global marketplace where it is easy, simple, fast, safe, and convenient for creators to work with others according to their budget, demand, and brand.

Throughout its existence, Utalan Inc. is known to be an enabler of success and a facilitator of growth for creatives and visionaries from across the globe. On a mission to see others succeed, the company focuses on the efficiency and effectiveness of its performance. True enough, this up-and-coming household name is keen on turning dreams into reality.

On top of delivering outstanding results and producing exceptional creatives, Utalan Inc. is also carving out the path toward success. As one of the foremost advocates of helping others, the company wants to fuel creativity and spark inspiration for success-driven individuals. By providing these people with support and guidance, it allows them to blossom into the visionaries and leaders they are meant to be.

Utalan is currently available on both IOS and Android app stores and is also on the web. The platform is completely free for creators as it takes no commission from the creator’s side.