Model Ankit Bhatia: Tinaa Duttaa Held Me From Behind With My BUTT VISIBLE But...

"Okay, so let me tell you that Tinaa Duttaa was supposed to hold me from behind and my butt would have been visible even then. In fact, we shot for that image- but it didn't look good enough. So, we dropped that idea. And then, the photographer Amit Khanna suggested that she climbs on my back."

That's Ankit Tiwari talking about his bold picture on the Streaming Calendar, which has gone viral.

Ankit reveals that however that particular pose struck did not work out well. "after that, Ankit suggested that she climbs on my back."

tinaa dutta in uttaran

Tinaa Duttaa

Ankit further reveals that it was not an easy shot to take. "Tinaa and I both were very shy since we didn't know each other and the concept was too bold."

After the two got talking to each other, the shyness disappeared, and both were ready to face the camera. "And yes, exactly like Amit told you yesterday I wore a thong when Tinaa was around. But later, I did shoot in the buff. And the two pictures were superimposed," Ankit signed off.

Image Source: instagram/dattaatinaa