Mobile game character inspired by Salman Khan

Shalvi Mangaokar

Mumbai, Aug. 3 -- Salman Khan is known to set trends with whatever he does - be it the way he dances in his films or the clothes he wears. Now, the actor has inspired a mobile game.

Come Monday (August 5), a new mobile game will be launched in which the lead character's look is similar to Salman's in Wanted (2008).

A source reveals, "This game will be called Fighter Lukkha. The lead character's look is inspired by Salman in Wanted (2008). His character's tapori (ruffian) look was kept in mind. Fighter Lukkha is an action-packed game based on gang wars, and has local goons fighting each other."

Apparently, the makers felt that the actor's look was apt for this character. The source says, "They needed someone who could instantly connect with the audiences and a character that's still fresh in their minds, so they eventually zeroed in on Salman."

The game is only available in the form of a mobile app and there are no plans of turning it into a video game as of now. The source adds, "It will be available on features phones for now. A version will soon be out for smartphone users as well."

Published by HT Syndication with permission from Hindustan Times.