Mob vandalises TASMAC liquor shop after it opened in a residential area

An angry mob entered a newly built TASMAC shop and vandalised it as a protest against it being moved to the residential area.

An angry mob vandalised a newly opened TASMAC shop on Wednesday in protest against its opening in a residential area.

The Tamil Nadu government has had to closed down liquor shops along highways and other major roads in the State, following a Supreme Court's order, and is now forced to open them within residential areas.

But people have since been protest against the decision.

In Thirupur, after days of protest, Mudhalipalayam residents lost their temper when word broke out that the new TASMAC shop has begun to take in stock for supply, as opposed to the promise made to them by the authorities.

Thousands gathered near TASMAC shop today morning and demanded the shop be closed immediately and its liquor be transported elsewhere.

But as the crowd saw none of its demands were being fulfilled, the angry mob of men, women and students, forcefully entered the shop and vandalized it. Crates of liquor bottles were thrown to the ground and smashed along with other items.

A large number of police force had to be deployed and to bring the crowd under control. The situation still seems abrasive as the public is against any arrest by the cops.

This is the third incident of public vandalising TASMAC shops in a week. Earlier, residents demolished a newly built liquor shop at Kanchipeerum and another group vandalized a shop at Thiruvallur.

It is to be noted that Tamilnadu government is also taking a short cut to open up the closed TASMAC shops on highways by denotifying them as municipal and corporation roads. However, Madras High Court has ordered it not to open the closed TASMAC shops at highways for the next three months.