MOAB Strike Killed 13 Indian Youths Who Joined ISIS: Report

Some reports also said that Khorasani was killed earlier in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province.

The US military dropped a MOAB on Afghanistan last week, where 13 Indians were among those killed, according to the Afghan news agency, as reported by The Hindu.

Those killed were youths who allegedly traveled from Kerala to join ISIS in 2016.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) was not sure of the news and is verifying the claims made by the agency.

A social worker from Padne received a message via Telegram app about Murshid’s death. According to a Times of India report, the Telegram message read: “One more brother of ours got killed for the sake of Allah. Murshid of Vadakkeppuram. We consider him to be a s haheed and Allah knows the best.”

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According to a CNN-News18 report, the group consisted of 17 men and two women, who were assumed to be pregnant a few months ago, when their families spoke to them last year.

The group could have at least two or more infants with them, all of whom could have been exposed to the effects of the bombing.

Murshid was last in contact with his family in November, when he told them that they were in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. Ground reports till now have suggested that the whole group could have been affected as a result of the bomb.

One of the women who went to Afghanistan along with her husband was Nimisha, and her mother Bindhu is unaware of her fate.

Bindhu to CNN-News18After hearing this news, I am breathless, don’t know what has happened to my child. When my son-in-law called me in November, he told me they are in Nangarhar, which is the place that was affected by the US bombing. I don’t know what has happened to my child and my granddaughter.

Her granddaughter is one of the children born after the group reached Afghanistan.

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