Mizoram budget tabled

our correspondent

Aizawl, March 15: Finance minister H. Liansailova presented the Rs 5,245.34 crore annual budget for 2013-14 in the Mizoram Assembly today.

No new taxes are proposed.

The budget comprises non-Plan provision amounting to Rs 2,945.11 crore, Plan allocation of Rs 2,300 crore and centrally sponsored scheme (CSS) amounting to Rs 22.86 lakh.

The finance minister said the budget was a regular one without the need to go through the vote on account as this is the final year of this government's term.

The Planning Commission is yet to allocate the state annual outlay with an increase of at least 10 per cent.

The revenue surplus was estimated at Rs 381.81 crore and the fiscal deficit at Rs 73.65 crore.

The different non-scheduled councils such as the Lunglei and Sinlung hills development councils have been allocated Rs 500 lakh and Rs 300 lakh each.

Requirements for salary under non-Plan, Plan and other categories were Rs 1,902.11 crore, which was 35.24 per cent of the estimated total expenditure, he said, adding that requirements for pension charges and interest payments were estimated at Rs 250.17 crore and Rs 248.48 crore respectively.