Mission 150: Amit Shah Vows to Set A Record in Gujarat Elections

‘UP mein 300+, Gujarat mein 150+’, is the BJP’s slogan for the upcoming Gujarat Assembly elections.

Bharatiya Janata Party chief Amit Shah has said that he plans to set a record in the Gujarat Assembly elections, scheduled for November.

After a thumping win in the Uttar Pradesh elections, the BJP national president hopes to help the party win 150 seats. The saffron party’s best performance in Gujarat has been 127 out of 182 seats in the 2002 polls.

No political party has managed to bag 150 seats in the Gujarat Assembly elections till date. The Congress almost touched the coveted mark when it bagged 149 seats under veteran Madhav Singh Solanki, in 1985.

Addressing BJP workers at the Sabarmati riverfront on Wednesday, Shah said,

After 325 seats in UP, go out with confidence that we will get more than 150 seats in Gujarat.

Shah also said that the party will continue to work for the development of people. “Before 1995, the people of Gujarat were suffering due to large-scale corruption, lawlessness and shortage of electricity. After Narendra Modi took over in 2001, we transformed this state,” he said.

Now, the entire world talks about Gujarat model. Our hunger for development is still intact. This journey for development will continue even after 2017 and 2019.

The BJP’s campaign for the Gujarat Assembly polls appears to have received a shot in the arm from the party’s sweeping victory in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections.

With Narendra Modi’s popularity soaring and Shah managing the elections in Gujarat, the party appears to be optimistic about registering a win in the state. This is reflected in the party’s campaign slogan or Gujarat:

UP mein 300+, Gujarat mein 150+ (300+ seats in UP, 150+ in Gujarat)

It goes without saying that a win in Gujarat is crucial for the BJP and the party is expected to leave no stone unturned in their efforts to retain their hold on the state. It was Modi’s Gujarat model that propelled him to the top in 2014 and the PM cannot afford to lose in his home turf.

(With inputs from Hindustan Times, Livemint)

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