Missing Chutki Has Been Found & We Can’t Believe Why She Came Back

Missing person alert!

· Name: Chutki
· Age: 6 years
. Missing from: The last time she saw milk

It was just another morning at Chutki’s house. She was getting ready to leave for school when the incident happened. Chutki was sitting at the dining table, having breakfast and her mother was pouring milk for her in the kitchen. In a shocking sequence of events that followed, Chutki’s mother came out of the kitchen into the dining area to serve Chutki some milk and poof!

Chutki had vanished. There was just an empty chair and half eaten toast on the table.

If ‘making faces on seeing milk’ was an Olympic sport, Chutki would’ve been a gold medallist (Photo: YouTube / Mother Dairy)

This wasn't the first time that Chutki went #ChutkiMeinGayab. Our little friend is a ‘repeat offender’. In no time, the Internet was abuzz with the hashtag #FindingChutki as responsible netizens spread the word about Chutki going missing. Some even tried looking for her at places where she was seen before she went missing.

Then one day, Chutki’s mother brought home Mother Dairy’s Cow Milk. As she poured a glassful of the same, there she was - Chutki, sitting in the same empty chair from which she had vanished into thin air!

Want to know what brought Chutki back? Watch the video:

While it was the bland taste of ordinary milk that made Chutki disappear, the wonderful taste of Mother Dairy’s new, delicious cow milk brought her back. Now it wasn’t Chutki that was #ChutkiMeinGayab, it was the milk!

Mother Dairy’s new cow milk is light, digestive and nutritious and is ideal for children above 2 years. It is also hygienic, homogenized, contains optimum fat (4% fat and 8.5% solid not fat) and is packaged after several quality checks which makes it every kid's and mother's favourite.

So if you too have a Chutki at home who disappears at the sight of the milk, you know what to do.