Miss Posting OOTD? Take #QuarantinePillowChallenge on Instagram Just Like These Netizens Who Are Turning Pillows Into Chic Outfits (View Pics)

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The life in quarantine is not easy, and as we finish each day, we realise how unnecessarily long it was, whereas it has always been the same. The only difference is we did not realise much, back then. During this time, social media users are playing a significant role, keeping each other motivated and entertained. They are coming up with challenges and experimenting with their skills to keep going during this isolation. Another trend has come up on Instagram and is going insanely viral. Quarantined people across the globe have taken Instagram by storm, wearing pillows as chic outfits. In case you are missing posting an OOTD, take the the latest #quarantinepillowchallenge netizens are actively participating for quite some time now amid the coronavirus crisis. Not only adults, but even babies and toddlers have also stripped down and covered themselves in the bed pillows, getting a strapless dress at home. Naked Challenge Goes Viral on TikTok amid Quarantine! Videos of People Surprising Their Partners by Going Nude Has the Most EPIC Reactions!

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When boredom hits you badly, go creative, and that is what ‘Quarantine Pillow Challenge’ is about. The challenge is very simple. How to do it? You just transform your pillow into a mini dress. The fluffier the cushion is, the fluffier the outfit. And of course, you need to style them, because there are a lot of options. From accessories to pairing your pillows with socks and stilettoes, the viral challenge is so fun to join in. Extra points for a classic belt! Men have joined in too, and they are carrying off the look gorgeously. Bored During Coronavirus Lockdown? Participate in These Five Viral Challenges That Are Enthralling Social Media Users While Quarantining.

Brace Yourselves For 'Quarantine Pilow Challenge!

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That Crown!

Men Joined in Too!


Now if you think adults were all, hold in for the munchkins as they join in for the #QuarantinePillowChallenge. Because, why not! The babies and toddlers are making the trend even more adorable as they shyly pose with their new outfit.


How Cute!

Like Mother, Like Daughter!

When it comes to dressing trends, Instagram has always played a significant role. Each year, a new wave of fashion dominate the gram and then eventually, everyone’s closets. Each style is carefully photographed, just like the pillow dress. It is surely a fun fashion to indulge while quarantining.