Shah Rukh Khan's Alibag bungalow: Issue to be raised in Maharashtra Assembly

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Shah Rukh Khan's Alibag bungalow: Issue to be raised in Maharashtra Assembly

Shah Rukh Khan has been accused of applying to purchase land for agriculture, but building a bungalow instead.

The Peasants and Workers Party of India will bring up the controversy surrounding Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan's Alibag bungalow in the Maharashtra Assembly, its general secretary has said.

The PWP will seek immediate action.

Alibag-based activist Surendra Dhavale has filed a written complaint against Shah Rukh Khan, his wife Gauri Khan, a company (Deja Vu Farms Pvt Ltd), that company's CEO, and other unkown individuals and public servants for using forged papers while acquiring a large plot for the construction of super-luxury bungalow.

The major allegation against Shah Rukh Khan is that he applied to purchase land for agriculture, but constructed a bungalow instead.

"By raising this issue, we would like to highlight (to) the Chief Minister and (to) State Cabinet Ministers...(that a) large number of violations using forged documents are being done by celebrities and rich persons at Alibag, giving a bad name to the region", PWP General Secretary Jayant Patil told India Today.

The PWP will seek immediate action.

Jayant Patil called for an investigation of "all the concerned officials involved in the clearance of (the) SRK file."

He alleged that "lower level" district officers had helped Shah Rukh Khan get documents verified and get permission to build the bungalow.


Meanwhile, Mahendra Dalvi, a member of local panchayat at Alibag's Thal village, defended the actor.

"He is a nice man and has not done anything illegal," he said.

Dalvi, a senior Shiv Sena worker in Alibag, is married to the sarpach who cleared the sale of the plot to Khan.

He said he wasn't aware if Moreshwar Ajgaonkar, a chartered accountant chosen to to be a frontman to acquire the plot, was a farmer or not, but said he had documentary proof.

"Moreshwar Ajgaonkar had credential documents and 7x12(an authentic document that proves an individual is a farmer) in hand...These documents were verified and cleared by the local district officers. Therefore, the agriculture plots were given to Ajgaonkar - who was also the close confidant of Khan at Alibag"

Raigad Collector Dr Vijay Suryavanshi, too, said Ajgaonkar's 7x12 had been found to be valid.

"Thus, Section 63 of Bombay Tenancy Act...seems have not been violated by Ajgaonkar," he said.