Miscreants' job: Goa's Deputy CM after porn shared from phone

Shalini Ojha
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20 Oct 2020: Miscreants' job: Goa's Deputy CM after porn shared from phone

Chandrakant Kavlekar, the Deputy Chief Minister of Goa, courted controversy after a porn clip was sent to a WhatsApp group "Villages of Goa" from his phone, but he has said it was the handiwork of some miscreants.

According to Kavlekar, his phone was hacked and he was sleeping when the clip was sent, reportedly after Sunday midnight. He lodged a complaint.

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Claims: Was sleeping when the clip was sent: Kavlekar

In his complaint to the cyber police, Kavlekar said the objectionable clip was not only sent to the aforementioned group but other contacts as well.

He said he was "nowhere near the phone and fast asleep" when the alleged incident took place.

The video was "intentionally masked in my name with some criminal intention," Kavlekar said in the complaint.

Demand: Minister wants strict action against all "miscreants"

Kavlekar said this is not the first time attempts were made to defame him and project a bad image in public eyes.

He demanded "strong action against all such miscreants and unscrupulous individuals who have criminally hacked/ tampered with my mobile phone... and uploaded and transmitted obscene material."

He approached police after the said clip brought him to the receiving end of opposition's ire.

Aftermath: Opposition parties went to police to complain against Kavlekar

Yesterday, the opposition also approached the police. The Goa unit of Congress filed a complaint against the deputy CM for posting the vulgar video approximately at 1:20 am.

The woman's wing of Goa Forward Party also called for FIR against the minister.

They argued that by sending the video Kavlekar outraged the modesty of women, who were a part of the group.

Fact: Kavlekar was aware he is sending porn: Goa Foward Party

"Knowing full well that the video is completely lascivious in nature and containing sexually explicit content, was in fact porn, he still went ahead and shared it on a public group thereby transmitting it in electronic form," Goa Forward Party said.