‘Mirzapur 2’ Review: An Impressive Cast, And Riveting Twists And Turns, Keep You Hooked

Tatsam Mukherjee
·2-min read

One of the biggest strengths of the Mirzapur universe is its awareness of its own limitations. The makers know what they’re delving into is hardly clutter-breaking, and will never find acceptance among what’s usually labelled as ‘high art’. So creators Puneet & Vineet Krishna, and directors Gurmmeet Singh & Mihir Desai, go all out celebrating B-movie shticks, even updating them keeping in mind today’s times. It’s futile to begrudge such a show for its wafer-thin characters who go around mouthing dialogues like they were extras from a Prakash Jha or Anurag Kashyap film. As the first season made it clear, the Mirzapur creators don’t care too much about the show’s derivative origins, as long as they borrow the best from everything to come up with a nearly original cocktail of their own. If you liked Season 1, there’s every chance you’ll find the second season equally thrilling—which isn’t to say they’ve made the same show all over again.

Mirzapur 2 begins just a few days where Season 1 ends. Guddu Pandit (Ali Fazal), Golu Gupta (Shweta Tripathi Sharma) and Dimpy (Harshita Gaur) are in hiding, after barely surviving Munna Tripathi’s (Divyendu Sharma) version of the “Red Wedding”. Losing Bablu (Vikrant Massey) and Sweety (Shriya Pilgaonkar) has made both Guddu and Golu thirsty for vengeance. Using a last-minute manoeuvre, Kaleen Bhaiya (Pankaj Tripathi) has prevented Mirzapur from slipping through his fingers. Battling paranoia of Guddu coming back to exact revenge, Munna is constantly trying to prove his yogyata (worth) towards the throne of his father’s criminal empire, based out of Mirzapur. A mysterious chess piece called Sharad Shukla (Anjum Sharma), Munna’s first cousin, also enters the game with his eyes firmly set on Mirzapur. Beena (Rasika Dugal) is clearly still traumatised after being raped by her father-in-law (Kulbhushan Kharbanda) in the Season 1 finale. If these many characters and plot-lines weren’t enough, the...

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