Miraculous Bhuteshwar Shivling That Is Growing Every Year On Its Own

Miraculous Bhuteshwar Shivling That Is Growing Every Year On Its Own

India, the nation that boasts of a rich cultural and religious heritage is known for its various mystical temples or religious sites. One such site is the world’s biggest natural Shivling called Bhuteshwar Nath whose length increases by six to eight inches every year. This miraculous Shivling is situated amidst the forests of Maroda village, Gariaband district in Chhattisgarh.

The most surprising feature of this Shivling is that it keeps on increasing in height and width on its own. It is about 18 feet tall and the width of the spherical surface of the Shivling is about 20 feet.  Its length is measured and kept in record annually by the Revenue department. People who visit this place worship this Shivling and Nandi bull.

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According to the villagers, the story behind this Shivling is that several years ago a zamindar (land owner) had a field in this place and there was a mound in his field from where people could hear the roaring of a lion. When he informed the others of this development, they also flocked to the mound and heard the roaring. From then onwards, people started worshipping this mound. As per the villagers, this mound used to be small in size earlier but with time, it increased in height and width, and even now, it is increasing.  During the auspicious month of Sawan, people wait in long queues to get a glimpse of the Shivling. It is said that those who visit this place and offer just a jug of water to Bhuteshwar Shivling, get their desires fulfilled.

Bhuteshwar Shivling is world's biggest natural Shivling in Chhattisgarh, India. MAny devotees flock th this Shivling during Saavvan to get their wishes fulfilled.

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