Minorities see 'right message'


Mumbai, Nov. 21 (PTI): Muslim organisations in Mumbai welcomed the execution of Ajmal Kasab, saying India had rightly conveyed to the world that it has zero tolerance for terrorism.

Jamait-ul-e-Hind (Ardhad Madani) secretary Gulzar Azmir said "such people have no place in Islam". The forum had provided legal aid to Fahim Ansari and Sabauddin Shaikh, who were tried over the attacks but eventually acquitted.

"The only sentence is death for a person who engages in violence as per Islam. The Centre and the Maharashtra government have taken the right step," Azmir said. He added that people from across the border who engage in terrorism must not be tolerated and should be punished as early as possible. "It would send a strong message to the international community and our stand on zero tolerance should be made known."

The All India Ulema Association echoed the view. "Crores were spent on Kasab... it is good he has been executed in keeping with Indian laws," Maulana Sayed Ather, the association's secretary, said and dubbed the punishment a "homage" to the 26/11 victims.

Anjuman Bashindegan-e-Bihar's Mahmmed Haqimi said Kasab "should have been hanged publicly."