Minor Girl Dies by Suicide after Being Allegedly Kidnapped and Raped by 3 Men in Chitrakoot

Qazi Faraz Ahmad
·2-min read

Amid mounting anger over the Hathras case, another incident surfaced from Chitrakoot district in Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday where a minor Dalit girl was allegedly kidnapped by three men and raped for several hours. The girl was then left at a nursery with her hands and legs tied. The family said the girl died by suicide on Tuesday.

The incident occurred in Kaumraha Ka Purva village which falls under the jurisdiction of Kotwali area of Chitrakoot. Family members alleged that the girl had gone to the fields to relieve herself on October 8 when three men abducted her. They added that three men from their village first kidnapped their daughter and then raped her for several hours, before finally leaving her in a nearby nursery with her hands and legs tied.

The mother of the deceased girl said, “My daughter was taken away on a motorcycle by three men on October 8, who did heinous things to her. When we found our daughter lying with hands and legs tied in a nursery, we brought her home. We tried to know the name of the culprits but she couldn't respond to anything as she was traumatised by the incident."

She added that they had also informed the police but their daughter was not unable to tell the police what had happened owing to the trauma. The body of the victim has been sent for the post mortem.

Speaking to media ASP Chitrakoot, Prakash Swarup Pandey said, “A girl committed suicide by hanging herself in her house, we are investigating the matter and trying to ascertain the reason behind the suicide by asking the family of the girl."

Pandey added that the body has been sent for post mortem and the police will take strict action based on the written complaint of the family members of the deceased.