Minister vs CM in Haryana: If CM wants CID, he must call Cabinet meet, says Anil Vij

Varinder Bhatia
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Haryana Home Minister Vij. (File)

Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij on Wednesday squared up to Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar over the CID being included as part of the CM’s portfolios on two state government websites despite government rules putting it under the Home Department.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Vij said, “Sarkaarein websiton se nahi, rule of law se chalti hain (governments function as per rule of law and not through websites)...If the Chief Minister wants to take back intelligence wing (CID), he can take do that, but it cannot be done without holding a Cabinet meeting. That’s why the intelligence wing is still with me.”

He stated, “I would like to make it clear that although Chief Minister is supreme, if he wants he can do it and take back the intelligence wing from me. But, as per the law, without getting it approved in the Cabinet meeting and without getting it passed in the Vidhan Sabha, it cannot be done. There has not been any meeting in this regard as yet.”

Business of the Haryana Government (Allocation) Rules mention CID as part of the Home Department, the portfolio currently held by Vij. These rules govern the manner of functioning of the state government and departments/portfolios allocated to each minister.

But the Haryana Chief Minister’s official website and the website of Haryana Vidhan Sabha now show “Criminal Investigation Department” among the 17 portfolios held by Khattar. It is not clear when the change was made on the two websites, but the matter first came to light on Tuesday.

“The Rule 5 on Page No. 30 of the Business of Haryana Government Allocation Rules clearly mentions Criminal Investigation Department as part of the Home portfolio. The position cannot be changed unless it is passed in the Cabinet and an amended notification is issued,” Anil Vij had told The Indian Express on Tuesday.

Last week, Vij had taunted Khattar to take back the Home portfolio from him after a run-in over transfer of nine IPS officers in which he was overruled by the Chief Minister’s Office. He has also been perturbed with intelligence wing chief Anil Rao’s alleged defiant attitude, and had issued him a showcause notice recently, seeking his explanation for not furnishing the requisite information sought by the Home Minister.

Earlier, Vij had had announced a three-member committee headed by Additional Chief Secretary (Home) Vijai Vardhan to look into the functioning of the intelligence wing. The committee was formally constituted by the Home Department Wednesday.

In his statement released on Wednesday afternoon, Vij also took a dig at the state’s bureaucrats. He stated, “I do not have any dispute with the bureaucracy, but it is my duty to set such officers right who do not perform their duties. It is my duty and I will continue to do so till my last breath.”