UP minister snubs Rahul over remarks against PM Modi

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Lucknow, Feb 12 (PTI) Senior Uttar Pradesh minister Sidharth Nath Singh on Friday hit back at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his utterances against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying being born in Nehru family does not give him the license to slam the PM.

'It is unfortunate, I strongly condemn such remarks,' Singh, who is also UP government spokesperson, told PTI after Gandhi’s comment that Modi was a 'coward'.

'He (Rahul) is still living in the era of (his great grandfather) Nehru,' Singh said, adding that the Congress leader was tagging the PM of 1962 with the present PM, 'without seeing the reality that the world is acknowledging Modi's leadership for giving a befitting reply to China'.

'Is it proper to use such words against the prime minister?' Singh asked, adding that being born in Nehru family does not give Rahul Gandhi the license to utter such remarks against Modi.

Gandhi earlier alleged that Modi has 'ceded' Indian territory to the Chinese, and questioned the government over its agreement with China on disengagement of troops in eastern Ladakh.

'It is the responsibility of the prime minister to protect the territory of the country. The prime minister has ceded Indian territory to the Chinese. It is his responsibility to solve the problem,” he said at a press conference in Delhi.

'Our soldiers risked everything, they had, to go to Kailash ranges. That is where the strategic advantage, if any, arose. Now, the PM has given back the land. Status quo ante is irrelevant. Kailash has been given back and nothing has happened on the key area of which China wants, Depsang plains.

'This is absolute 100 per cent cowardice. This is nothing else. The prime minister is a coward who cannot stand up to the Chinese... He is betraying the sacrifice of our Army,' the former Congress chief charged, and added, that nobody in India should be allowed to do it, nobody in the rest of the world should be allowed to do it.