Minecraft Java Edition will soon require players to login with their Microsoft accounts

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Minecraft will now soon be requiring Microsoft accounts to be able to log into any versions of Minecraft, including the Java Edition. According to a report in Slash Gear, Microsoft is assuring Minecraft Java players that nothing will change in the game apart from the way players log into the game's servers. As per the report, this is important since unlike Bedrock Editions, only the Java Edition has the ability to modify the game, which in turn, has made Minecraft so players.

What Minecraft is doing, instead, is to provide players with a more secure way of logging in thanks to Microsoft account's two-factor authentication.

According to a statement issued by Minecraft, they have said that all their games will require a Microsoft account to play €" including Minecraft Java Edition.

Players having the same account to access any and all Minecraft games is a possibility. The benefits will also include improved parental controls to help youngsters safe when playing online and chat and invitation blocking.

As per Minecraft, the transition will be done in batches as the game reaches out to Java edition players in phases. Players will get an email that will include instructions on how to move their accounts. One they have completed the steps sent by Minecraft, they will use their Microsoft account to log in to the game going forward. Players will no longer be able to use their Mojang account.

However, if gamers miss the deadline, players will be unable to log into the game or play it anymore. In such cases, Minecraft players will have to go through an account recovery process.

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