Millennial Chimpanzee Hooked to Instagram is Making Netizens Go Bananas
In the video that has garnered over 9,000 likes in just over 24 hours, the chimpanzee can be seen scrolling through Instagram and looking at photos of other chimpanzees.

In a video that has been going viral on social media, a chimpanzee can be seen, busy at work as he stares and a smartphone, occasionally tapping the screen. What is it looking at? Why, Instagram of course.

It is 2019 and it is safe to say that Instagram is a solid part of the lives of people , at least those living in the proverbial first world. But after winning (read enslaving) the hearts and minds of million of humans, the photo/video sharing app now seems to be expanding its user base to other primates.

In the video that has garnered over 9,000 likes in just over 24 hours, the chimpanzee can be seen looking at - beat this - photos of other chimpanzees on Instagram.

Not satisfied with just one photo, the immersed chimp can be seen hitting refresh and scrolling through the feed ofthe chimp it was checking out, occasionally tapping at one of the photos to enlarge it before moving returning to scrolling, much like impatient human teenagers checking out their peers on the social media site.

If the video surprises you, you are probably due for your next class in zoology and ethology. Chimpanzees are highly evolved and intelligent creatures that often display skills akin to humans such as the ability learn words and responses, memory, and even social reactions like familial bonding and mourning for the loss of a loved one. In fact, humans share 90 percent of the DNA with chimpanzees, who, like humans, are driven by their genes.

Much like humans, there are cognitive differences within individual chimpanzees in terms of intelligence, strength and other measurable attributes.

From the video, it looks like this particular chimpanzee has taken quite well to the millennial lifestyle. His bored flicking of posts on the social networking site led to some hilarious reactions on social media.

Will the chimp start commenting on photos too, now?