Milind Soman And Ankita Konwar Have The Most Unique Return Gift For Their Wedding Guests

On April 22, 2018, the 52-year-old actor-model, Milind Soman got married to 26-year-old Ankita Konwar. While fans were rejoicing, Milind and Ankita took to Instagram and vowed an undying and eternal love to each other. Milind wrote, “To love forever and a new beginning every day. I love you @earthy_5,” and Ankita sweetly penned down, “Love always finds it’s way.”

Now, post their wedding, Milind and Ankita decided to thank their guests who attended their wedding. Milind had the most unique idea to do so. The couple decided to plant saplings of trees, one for each of the guests who attended the wedding. He captioned, “Nurture the gifts you have received, planting a tree with @earthy_5 for every guest, 11 done!” He hash-tagged the post with several words like ‘everydayisEARTHday’, ‘celebratenewbeginings’, ‘everyday’, ‘BetterHabits4BetterLife’, ‘love’, ‘life’, ‘earth’, ‘friends’, ‘family’. (Also Read: Milind Soman's Wife, Ankita Konwar's Assamese Jewellery Was Unique And A Delight To The Eyes)

Ankita shared some of the most beautiful pictures from the wedding, and thanked her guests with the sweetest caption, “Growing up, I personally never liked weddings, felt like a lot of effort for no good reason. Attended no one’s wedding but my only sister’s! But that one wedding changed me. The energy, the support from the family and friends is exactly what a couple needs when they start a new life together. We did have a beautiful wedding with the lovely family and friends and their immense effort to make the day memorable for us was/is/always will be a true blessing. Thank you.”

Isn’t this amazing? We can bet there is no couple like Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar who do such unique things, and the sweetness in those gestures also reflect their mutual admiration and respect. They run together, are both fitness freaks, diet conscious and the way of uniquely thanking their guests by planting saplings just won our heart. (Don't Miss: The Complete Wedding Album Of Milind Soman And Ankita Konwar's Assamese-Style 'Shaadi')

After the wedding, Ankita shared a couple picture with Milind and captioned it, "Then love knew it was called love. And when I lifted my eyes to your name, suddenly your heart showed me my way."

And before their wedding too, Ankita had some heartening and sweet words, “The best thing to spend on your relationship is time, conversation, understanding and honesty.”

Milind and Ankita’s wedding came as a surprise to many. Since the time they have been vocal about their relationship, the couple has always faced backlash and criticism because of their age difference. However, backlashes and online trolls have never affected them

Commenting on the same, in an interview, Milind once said, “ A relationship, it’s about both the people. And I don’t consider age at all for anything — whether its relationships, fitness or health or whatever.” When he was asked to react to online comments such as ‘Milind and Ankita look like father and daughter’, he replied, “ I guess some people find it unusual. They seem surprised.”

Well, undoubtedly Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar, are a unique couple in every sense. We wish them togetherness and love for many lives.

Images Courtesy: Instagram

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