Mildly symptomatic patients can tackle COVID at home by checking oxygen saturation: PGIMER Chandigarh

Director of PGIMER, Chandigarh. Jagat Ram highlighted that COVID patients with mild symptoms do not need to visit hospitals and he also advised to keep oximeter and thermometer for home isolated patients. "I believe not everyone needs to visit the hospital even if they test COVID positive. Around 90% patients have mild symptoms, which means their saturation level is normal. They don't need to come to the hospital. Keep oximeter at your homes to measure the oxygen saturation, thermometer to check the temperature of the patients. Keep checking oxygen saturation and temperature within an interval of 4-4 hours. Take a 6 minute walk test at least two times in a day to check the oxygen saturation level. If the saturation level is less than 94 or the fever is high, one can take paracetamol and even then, the situation doesn't get back to normal, then consult a doctor," said Jagat Ram, Director of PGIMER, Chandigarh.