Mike Tyson takes wife and son to Poland to launch his new sports drink

London, Apr 30 (ANI): Mike Tyson, who has just finished a sell-out run at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, was spotted in Warsaw with his third wife Lakiha Spicer, and their son, one-year old Morocco Elijah Tyson on Sunday.

Lakiha, also known as Kiki, was left holding the baby as Tyson appeared in be in the middle of reading a book titled Gangs.

The 45-year-old retired professional boxer is in Poland with his family to continue what appears to be an attempt at the rehabilitation of his reputation and a restocking of the coffers.

In a recent interview Tyson claimed to have squandered his 300-million-dollar fortune and was now 'forced to live paycheck to paycheck'.

"In Warsaw, Poland. Just wrapping commercial for Black Power Energy Drink. They put me on the can," the Daily Mail quoted him as tweeting.

The fallen boxing champ performed his one-man show in Vegas earlier this month to audiences of celebrities and fellow boxers including fellow boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard.

The former champ pulled no punches in the frank talk about his three marriages, eight children, drug abuse and his traumatic upbringing.

He also kept the audience laughing by breaking out into song and with unscripted gags about his wild past. (ANI)