Migrants Workers Stranded at Satna Protest After No Arrangements Made, Admin Cites Lack of Buses

Thousands of migrant labourers, mostly hailing from Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh who have been stranded at Satna in Madhya Pradesh staged a protest here on Friday after the administration offered them no help even as unseasonal showers put the workers stranded on roads in even more distress.

The agitation caused a prolonged traffic jam on the national highway at Satna, a town that shares borders with Uttar Pradesh. With no water or food provided to them, the migrant labourers were waiting for buses to head home but even after several hours when not a single vehicle turned up, the distressed workers started protesting.

“We are coming from Nagpur and are stuck at Satna without food and water. The ration we carried also got destroyed in the rain and there is no sign of buses,” a migrant labourer said.

A woman labourer, who was also coming from Maharastra claimed that the state government in the neighbouring state was offering them food, but here the administration has not extending any support and they have been stuck in Satna since four days.

“We don’t have a shelter over our head and are living on the road amid rain and sun,” she said, echoing everyone else how the administration is not arranging buses.

Some of the labourers also hail from Shahdol and Umaria, areas close to Satna, but are stuck because they cannot go further due to lack of transportation.

The migrant labourers also reached transport control room and agitated, where officials tried to pacify them.

PS Tripathi, the Sub Divisional Magistrate of Satna told the media that they have no arrangement to send these migrant labourers to UP or Jharkhand as buses earlier sent to these states were not allowed to enter there.

"We are only able to arrange transportation for our local labourers. At best we can help them reach Chitrakoot," said the officer, warning the workers that if they create law and order issue, legal action will be taken against them.

(Inputs from Shivendra Baghel)