Migrants resort to desperate means to reach home

Indore (Madhya Pradesh) [India], May 18 (ANI): Migrants continue to travel from the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra to their native places via Madhya Pradesh in trucks while many were seen passing through Indore bypass on foot.

The state government has arranged buses for pedestrians, but these buses are operational on the Maharashtra-Madhya Pradesh route only. Passengers from other states are managing on their own.

"I am coming from Mumbai by bus and waiting for another bus so as to reach home. I have been provided food on the way and have not faced any difficulty reaching here," a passenger said.

Meanwhile, Ramchand, who went to Fatehpur in Uttar Pradesh with his family from Surat travelled in a random truck plying on the road. Now Ramachand, who reached Indore, is unable to get any means of transport to reach Uttar Pradesh. He said that if he does not get any transport, he will be forced to take the long walk back home.

"I left Surat on May 16 with my family. I have reached here by traveling in a truck and now we are waiting for the transport vehicle to move forward to Uttar Pradesh. If I don't get it, we will walk to our home," Ramchand said. (ANI)