'Migrant Lives Matter': Abhay Deol Wants 'Woke' Indians to Outrage against Problems at Home First

After actor Sonu Sood, Bollywood celebrity Abhay Deol is now going viral on social media. The actor recently weighed in on the trend of Indians supporting the 'Black Lives Matter' movement against racism in the United States using social media hashtags.

Calling out "woke" Indian celebrities and middle class who were so interested in fighting systemic racism in the US, Deol said that maybe it was time Indians also looked into their own backyard.

The actor tweeted an image of a piece of paper with the hashtags #migrantlivesmatter, #minoritylivesmatter, #poorlivesmatter written on it.

"America has exported violence to the world... it was but inevitable that it would come back karmically," Deol wrote.

The Aisha actor, however, said he was not saying the US did not deserve support during a crisis. But rather that selectively outraging against racism in the US was not really any useful to anyone since most social issues in India were fundamentally similar to those in the US.

"Support them (Americans) by calling out the systemic problems in your own country because they turn out to be one and the same thing," Deol wrote. He further asked Indians not to blindly follow hashtags but create their own movement.

"Follow their lead but not their actions. Create your own action, your own movement, relevant to your own country," he said.

Deol's post comes in the wake of several Bollywood celebrities like Priyanka Chopra-Jonas, Karan Johar, Kareena Kapoor and others who recently spoke up the support of the Black Lives Matter' movement.

Incidentally, Chopra had been roundly trolled last year due to her hyper-nationalist response to a Pakistani journalist who asked her a question on promoting violence in her films. None of the other celebrities have previously raised their voice against atrocoities meted out to minorities or the economically weak.

Coming in the midst of growing debate regarding the rights of social and religious minorities in India, the Instagram post by Deol won many hearts on social media.