Microsoft new Hololens technology can do live language translations

tech2 News Staff

Thanks to Microsoft's HoloLens you would no longer require to be fluent in any language. The company has demonstrated that it is not only possible to create a very life-size hologram but also make the said hologram speak the person's languague in their own voice.

As per a report by Futurism the mixture of neural networking and mixed reality made this demo possible. Microsoft created an incredibly life-size hologram of Microsoft executive Julia White and replicated her native tongue using a translator. The technology has wide implementations such as having a person deliver a speech to a different location without having to leave their own place.

Microsoft has earlier showed of holograms before but the translation aspect of the technology is a first from the company. Currently, it appears to be a developmental project as of now but with Microsoft's vast resources it may soon become commercial reality.


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