Michelle Poutu – Helping You ‘Unlock the Magic of Your Mind’

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Michelle Poutu is the founder of Magnet to Life Coaching, a business which focuses on mindset shift coaching. As a certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and 1 of 1700 Coaches Globally trained in the techniques of head, heart and gut brain integration, her distinctive work focuses on a holistic lifestyle transformation.

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Several years ago Michelle began a journey to learn all she could about our beautiful brains, this was for both personal and professional reasons, and now some several years on she has developed a program called “Unlocking the Magic of the Mind”.

Michelle is a firm believer that a mindset is an attitude, or cluster of thoughts with attached emotions that generate a particular perception. How we see and interact with the world through our mindsets can either catapult you forward, allowing you to achieve your dreams, or put you in reverse drive if you are not careful.

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When working with Michelle she will guide you through a process of techniques that will enter your embedded beliefs instilled in the “Inner Child’s Mind”, her unique program “Unlocking the Magic of the Mind” shifts clients from a place of impossible to IM POSSIBLE.

Michelle says “Being a Mindset Coach has got to be one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet, not only do my clients experience what it means to have control of their mindset, but they are empowered and move on to embrace their goals and dreams in a way they never thought possible” Sometimes people lose their inner light, I like to think I help them find their sparkle again”