Michelle Obama buys apple pie in Virginia

Washington, June 8 (ANI): Michelle Obama made a surprise side trip to pick up some pies after a campaign rally in Virginia on Thursday.

The First Lady, who spoke at a VFW post in Dale City, traveled to the small town of Occoquan and visited Mom's Apple Pie Co., a family-owned bakery, which is known for using fresh, local ingredients.

She perused the shop's offerings of fresh fruit pies and jams, as well as old-fashioned candies and a collection of wines and beers.

"Oh there's wine!" ABC News quoted her as saying, while walking through the store.

"No one told me there was wine!" she said.

Obama also selected two pies from the display case - one apple pie (regular crust, no crumb) and one sour cherry.

"I will be killed if I don't come out of here with pie," she said with a smile, paying cash for both.

President Barack Obama is famously a fan of pie. His favourite reportedly is sweet potato.

During the visit, she was serenaded by 6-year-old Sydney Trapp of Fredericksburg, who played 'Ode to Joy' on her violin.

You are on it!" Michelle said, as Trapp's mother looked on.

"You've earned your pie," she added. (ANI)