Michael Vaughan more famous as Strictly star than cricketer

London, Dec 1 (ANI): Michael Vaughan has revealed that more people want to talk to him about 'Strictly Come Dancing' than cricket.

The former English cricketer is used to blokes he has never met before wanting to talk about cricket, but these days it is their wives who collar him.

They are also keen to catch a glimpse of the six-pack that eight hours of dance practice seven days a week has given the former England captain.

"They're obsessed with Strictly - they can't hear enough about it," the Sun quoted him as saying.

"They want to know what I'm wearing, which dance I'm doing and how hard it is to master the moves.

"I was with the football manager Sam Allardyce recently and he started doing a little dance and asked about the show. Even the blokes that talk to me now want to chat about dancing rather than cricket," he said.

Incredibly, Vaughan got more congratulatory text messages following his triumphant performance of an American smooth at the Wembley show two weeks ago, than he did after he brought home the Ashes.

"In fact, that week I got more texts saying how well I'd done than I got during my entire England career," he said.

"The thrill I got from that standing ovation was incredible. It's the only thing I've experienced since my retirement that has equalled the buzz I used to get as a batsman when people got to their feet after I'd hit a century.

"Even my dance partner, Natalie Lowe, said that moment was the highlight of her dancing career," he added. (ANI)