Michael Schumacher's son all set for F1 test debut

Rajdeep Saha

Michael Schumacher

25 Mar 2019: Michael Schumacher's son all set for F1 test debut

Mick Schumacher, son of legend Michael Schumacher, is all set to make a Formula 1 test debut next month.

Mick is likely to take part in a young driver's test next month in Bahrain.

Reports claim that Mick is in line to appear for Alfa Romeo Racing. This looks like the perfect step for the budding F1 driver.

Here's more about him.

Mick: Why will Mick be racing in the test next month?

This has come to the fore as teams are obliged to test young drivers for a period of two days in the mid-season test in Bahrain.

Mick, who was signed by Ferrari as an academy driver in January, will try his hands out for Alfa Romeo (previously known as Sauber).

The Alfa Romeo team has links with Ferrari and that sees Mick come in.

Formula 2: Formula 2: Mick will be in action from next week

Mick will start his Formula 2 season with Prema next week in Bahrain.

He is eligible for the F1 Super License and therefore he will be allowed to test Alfa's current F1 car, the C38, which is powered by Ferrari.

Should it come to fruition, then this would be Mick's second run in F1.

The German had a demo run in 2017 at Spa.

F2: F2 is the right step at this moment for Mick

Meanwhile, the upcoming test will be the first official F1 session for the 19-year-old, who won the Formula 3 title in 2018.

He is confident to make it count in his debut season in Formula 2.

We feel F2 is the right step at this moment for Mick and winning the F2 title would further boost his confidence.

Fact: F1: Why is the young driver test done?

The young driver test is generally done by teams to get mileage in a current F1 car. Also, another feature is to showcase upcoming talent. In 2017, Lando Norris, George Russell and Pierre Gasly took part in a young driver test in Hungary.