Michael Keaton to reunite with Batman director Tim Burton? But not for Beetlejuice 2

Asmita Kundu
Michael Keaton

Spider-man: Homecoming villain Michael Keaton is in talks to play the role of villain in the Disney live-action movie, Dumbo. If it turns true, then the film marks a nostalgic reunion between director Tim Burton and Michael Keaton (Birdman) ever since they worked together in 1992's Batman Returns. This role was previously offered to Tom Hanks, who has presumably passed for Keaton.

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Keaton is likely to play the character of the man who acquires the small circus owned by DeVito's character. DeVito's small circus is the outfit home to Dumbo the elephant and his mother, while Eva Green will play a French trapeze artist.

According to Variety, the original story of Dumbo (1941) follows an ostracised baby circus elephant who strives to achieve his full potential. Script written by Ehren Kruger, Burton is expected to start filming soon for the movie.

Disney's Dumbo (1941)

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The Oscar-nominated actor is playing another villainous role of Vulture in the upcoming DC superhero flick Spider-Man: Homecoming. Keaton rose to fame nearly 30 years ago while he acted in Burton's 1988 classic comic horror movie Beetlejuice. If everything goes well, there would be a possible Beetlejuice sequel.

Actor Colin Farrell is also in talks to star in the movie. Alongside, Eva Green and Danny DeVito will reportedly feature in the Disney movie.

Currently, the Disney studio is on a spree to make live-action remakes of its classic movies. The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast have just been added to the list very recently. Other animated classics like The Lion King, Mulan are in the works.

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