Michael John Mendoza – The Entrepreneur Taking His Vision of Philanthropy a Step Ahead With ‘Hustle With the God’ Brand

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Michael John Mendoza is a dropout from St. John’s University. He has been business minded since his childhood. He pursued the field of designing to become an entrepreneur. In the year 1999 at the age of 18, the young designer started his career. He made some astounding and engaging designs with Adobe Photoshop.

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The young entrepreneur was not only a designer but also a brand expert. He was the Mughal in building relationships between product and customer. The Art Smart Group at one point of time rendered its service in 5 locations the whole of the tri-state area as well as New York was owned by Michael John Mendoza. The era of digitalization had hit every market so in order to keep his work presentable he also adopted the new techniques and technology and entered into the Digital world. He had over 20 years of experience in this field though he has just turned 40. His company offered solutions in graphic design, merchandise and apparel production, videography, branding and printing. He also had a warehouse facility with print on demand equipment service.

Michael John Mendoza lived with the motto of Philanthropy. This gave him a special recognition in the world over the years. He recently accelerated his cause with commencing a new brand called ‘Hustle with The God’. This brand was inaugurated to carry on the legacy of philanthropy. His goal was to reach every nook and corner of the world. This time his agenda is to support and promote the youths to create wonders by providing them with the platform to make changes.

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The one should always contribute towards the betterment of society. Every individual is not capable of bringing their dreams into existence as they don’t have appropriate resources. Even though it is believed that youth are the future of this world they are facing inadequate supply of resources and chances to generate healthy living.

Michael John Mendoza believed every individual should offer helping hands to the needy so that they can grow and generate a healthy lifestyle for themselves and bring the appropriate changes in the society. He assists the youth in whatever means so that they can have opportunities in life. He believes the youth are the future of this world so if changes are to be made on the global stage then they have to be promoted. His new brand ‘Hustle with The God’ focuses on creating opportunities for the youth all around the world.