Michael Dawson hails Spurs owner Joe Lewis for turning club into PL 'superpower'

London, Sept 28 (ANI): Tottenham player Michael Dawson has hailed club owner Joe Lewis for turning Spurs into a Premier League superpower, and said that it was great to be invited, along with the rest of the squad, aboard Lewis's 220 million pound super yacht in the Bahamas at the start of the summer.

According to the Mirror, Dawson expressed that it was an unreal experience and great for someone like him, who has been with the club for a long time now, to actually meet Lewis and know what a really nice guy he was, adding that the owner wanted to be successful.

He said that Lewis's desire to succeed shows in the transfer market this year, and they had certainly spent some money and made some big signings, with some world-class players expected to improve the side.

Dawson said that he had been very fortunate in the eight and a half years he has had at the club, and has got to play with some top, world-class players, adding that at the moment, the depth and quality the team was certainly the best.

Spurs have won just three of the last 42 matches against Chelsea in the League, the report said.

However, today they go into a mouthwatering, lunchtime dish with the best squad that they have ever possessed in the Premier League, the report added. (ANI)