Michael Bay Birthday Special: 5 Enjoyable Blockbusters Given By Bad Boys Director That Are Pure Popcorn Fun

Sreeju Sudhakaran

Michael Bay is kind of a filmmaker who is seen as a box office delight, but a critic's nightmare. He is a director, who is more invested in making the films look larger than life and filled with popcorn entertainment, rather than make movies that appeal to the Oscars. Nuances are not something you expect in Bay's films, often accused of portraying sexism and misogyny, the reason for which he has received two nominations for 'Sexist Pig award by Alliance of Women Film Journalists Award. I kid you not. Black Five: Sony Pictures in Talks with Michael Bay to Direct the Military Drama.

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Michal Bay's body of work has his share of fans, and there are films that he directed that are quite enjoyable, even with all their cheesiness. The director had made his debut with the 1995 film Bad Boys, and thereon made some really huge blockbusters, that may earn fewer points on Rotten Tomatoes but makes huge bucks at the box office. Case in point, the Transformers franchise. His latest movie was the Netflix action thriller, 6 Underground6 Underground Movie Review: Michel Bay's Netflix Action Thriller Starring Ryan Reynolds Is Loaded With Action But the Wafer-Thin Plot Makes It a Borefest! 

On February 17, 2020, Michael Bay is turning 55. On the occasion on his birthday, let's take a look back five most popcorn worthy films that Bay had directed over the years.

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Bad Boys

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys

Michael Bay's debut film, a buddy cop flick, is the kind of film you and your guy friends would like to watch on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Made at a time when Will Smith was on the rise as Hollywood's IT boy, Bad Boys merged humour with action to create a stylized fun thriller, that was later remade in Bollywood as Bade Miyan Chote Miyan, starring Amitabh Bachchan and Govinda. Bad Boys for Life Movie Review: Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s Entertaining Bromance Fuels Their Best Buddy Cop Ride in the Saga.

The Rock

Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage in The Rock

Considered by many as the best film directed by Michael Bay, The Rock is about a scientist and a convict teaming up to stop a group of US ex-marines from bombing the country. The movie revels in the terrific camaraderie between an in-form Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage. The Rock also stars Ed Harris, Michael Biehn, and William Forsythe. Like Bad Boys, even The Rock has been remade in Bollywood as Qayamat, starring Ajay Devgn, Neha Dhupia and Suniel Shetty.


A Still from Armageddon, featuring Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck

Armageddon has a very silly premise - an asteroid is hurtling towards Earth and a group of oil drillers is rocketed to space to drill a nuke and blast it to smithereens. And it is this exact silly premise that makes Armageddon, filled with some enough blasts and special effects to thrill a viewer, such a guilty pleasure watch. Starring Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler, the movie is also remembered for the Aerosmith song "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing".


A Still from Transformers

Okay, Transformers films, before Bumblebee came out, was nothing more than an excuse to serve robots fighting robots, the female leads (hi there, Megan Fox) in skimpy clothing, and loads and loads of explosions. Among them, the first Transformers movie was somewhat decent, because well, the storyline came so. From thereon, it was just a downslide in quality even though the films made millions at the box office. Thankfully, Travis Knight, who took the reins from Bay, brought more interest in the franchise with the spinoff, BumblebeeBumblebee Movie Review: Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena's 'Transformers' Film Brings Cheers Back Into The Franchise!

6 Underground

Ryan Reynolds in 6 Underground

Michael Bay's new film has gone straight to Netflix but it didn't compromise on the scale and scope that you expect from a Bay movie. Ryan Reynolds plays an eccentric billionaire who pretends to be dead and hires a team to take down some very big criminals. 6 Underground is a visually impressive movie, and has action scenes that would thrill the fans of the genre. Not to mention, Reynolds' knack of wisecracking humour.