Mexican Woman Delivers Baby Outside Hospital after Being Denied Entry Over Full Capacity

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A 28-year-old woman in southern Mexico was forced to give birth on the street outside a hospital as the hospital capacity was full due to the ongoing pandemic. The incident was filmed by an onlooker standing at the entrance of Dr Manuel Velsco Suarez General Hospital in Huixtepec, Oaxaca on Wednesday, February 3.

In the two-minute-long video clip shared by Daily Mail, the mother can be spotted standing at the entrance surrounded by a group of physicians who are assisting the woman in delivering the baby boy. The mother of four, who gave birth to her fifth child, can be heard screaming in pain and agony before one can hear the baby’s cries marking his arrival into the world. Few moments into the video, a dog is seen approaching the group, trying to figure out what was happening and then leaves after sniffing a doctor.

After the baby is delivered, he is wrapped in a blanket and the mother and the baby are taken to the hospital’s emergency ward. Daily Mail reports that the owner of the video claimed that the pregnant woman had been waiting outside the hospital for at least 10 minutes but her repeated requests to get admitted into the facility were completely ignored. Local media reported that requests by the woman's husband to seek help were also turned down by the emergency ward staff and she was made to wait outside.

The following footage could be disturbing to some viewers.

However, Oaxaca state health department secretary, Juan Marquez, while commenting on the incident defended the staff’s behavior and the way they handled the situation due to a large number of COVID patients inside.

He also dismissed the rumours that the baby was dropped at the entrance of the hospital during the delivery and added that he was examined to rule out internal haemorrhaging. Commenting on the rumours, he clarified that it was a blanket worn by a person accompanying the mother which can be seen falling in the video and not the child. Marquez stated that mother is in good health, stable and healthy while her son never suffered at all.

Both the mother and her son are said to be in stable condition now.