This Mexican church proved the Avengers are BETTER than the Justice League [PHOTO]

Dishya Sharma


Easter celebrations have begun all over the world with churches dedicated in prayers and people relishing on some delicious Easter meals following the end of Lent. On the occasion of Easter, people are sending out good wishes to loved ones and the world prays for peace. While world peace is not possible overnight, a church in Mexico decided to bring peace to a decades-long argument. 

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On the occasion of Easter, this Mexican church let Jesus decide which superheroes and comic book camp is better. Like any other church, this Mexican Catholic Church put up a banner sending out Easter wishes but only that the wishes just took Easter to the next level.

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In a picture, which has been doing the rounds on Imgur, Reddit and now Twitter, shows Jesus stand by his army of Avengers namely Captain America and Iron Man. Yes, Jesus has chosen his troop to fight the chaos of the world!

And the one thing to note is that Captain America's shield has a cross instead of the star whereas Iron Man's chest hosts a cross too.

Apart from wishing people, the banner invites them to the Church prayers conducted over the Holy Week of Easter. The banner is titled "Pascua Juvenil" with the tagline "Llamados a la misión generamos esperanza" which can roughly be translated to "calls to the mission will generate hope". The name and tagline are the same as a Facebook page called National Youth Easter whose motto is Christ Lives! Called to the mission we generate hope.

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There is no information available on who designed the poster and which city in Mexico put out the banner.

But it would be so cool to watch the Avengers using the help of Jesus in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity Wars movie. Considering that Marvel superheroes like Thor, Loki and many others are dubbed as modern day mythological gods, fans wouldn't be surprised if Jesus joins in.

While fans have reacted on different social platforms regarding the banner, we want to know what the Avengers think of it. As of now, the team is busy shooting for Avengers: Infinity Wars that is scheduled to release in May 2018 and Marvel gears up to release Thor as against Justice League, both releasing in November this year.

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