They Met Online And Decided To Marry But He Hid A Secret From Her

Syeda Farah Noor

With online frauds taking place every other second, it gets difficult for us to believe and trust anything that we see online.

For those who believe in finding love online tend to be left heartbroken most of the time as the individuals they end up trusting are mostly fake.

But this story of a couple who found love online had a perfect ending as the girl discovered that she was about to marry the richest man in Russia!

Check out their sweet love story...

The Girl Had Texted Him First

Nguyen Van Anh was not like those typical girls who would shy away from texting a stranger. Nguyen Van Anh went ahead and texted her now-husband Dang Tuan on social media and asked him if he knew the famous person he was standing with in his profile picture as she wanted to meet her dream idol and she felt this was the perfect way to get closer to her idol.

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It Turned To A Serious Relationship

Within no time of knowing each other, the couple decided to take the relationship to the next level, and hence in 6 months, they decided to get married. Despite having a time difference, the pair officially became a couple in November 2016, and since then they are going strong.

Her Parents Were Not Ready For The Wedding

When Nguyen Van Anh revealed about her relationship with her parents, they instantly disapproved the relationship as they did not believe in the concept of online dating as people are mostly fraud out there.

She Decided To Go Against Them

Nguyen Van Anh decided to go against her parents and be with the love of her life. Dang Tuan, on the other hand, tried to convince her parents about her choice. Little did they budge in their decision, and the couple decided to fly to Russia where Dang Tuan lives.

This Is Where She Got A Surprise

When the couple arrived in Russia, Nguyen Van Anh had no idea about the name and fame that Dang Tuan had as he had not revealed her about his Q position at work. It came as a perfect gift for her as she purely believed in love and not worry about the financial factors.

At Present

Currently, the couple is blessed with two kids, and they have a perfect life! Dang had hidden his wealth as he did not want her to know until he was sure about the relationship.

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