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Ramesh Chennithala

Adversity, it is said, brings out the best in a person, and politicians are no exception. At a time when migrant workers are facing the brunt of the lockdown, Kerala's Leader of Opposition in Assembly, Ramesh Chennithala, has taken to TikTok, the video-sharing social networking platform, to reach out to them. In the 56-second video, Chennithala, in fluent Hindi, asks migrants working in Kerala not to try and return to their states now, and tells them that the fight against COVID-19 should be fought unitedly. He asks them to get in touch with the administration if they face difficulties regarding food and shelter, and asks them to stay wherever they are. Hindi is a handicap for most politicians from Kerala, but Chennithala is an exception there as well.

Yoga Fan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s yoga videos have a new admirer in US President Donald Trump’s daughter and special adviser Ivanka. Modi tweeted, “Whenever I get time, I practice Yoga Nidra once or twice a week,” and that it furthers overall well-being, relaxes the mind, reduces stress and anxiety. Ivanka replied, “This is wonderful! Thank you @narendramodi!”

United We Fight

Vice-President M Venkaiah Naidu on Tuesday urged everyone to show to the world a united front in the time of the coronavirus crisis. He said the present context does not allow the people to present a divided front, as it warrants a united effort. Naidu urged intellectuals and others to hold back issues, if any, till the crisis is over and instead come forth with suggestions for effectively tackling the challenge.

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