Mesmerising Leh! Sports enthusiasts play ice hockey, skates on natural ice

Leh recorded a freezing -18 degrees Celsius night temperature which is the coldest of the season. The dripping temperature poses a lot of difficulties and challenges in the daily lives of the people living in Leh, Ladakh. The majority of the households, specially belonging to the rural areas depend on the traditional heating system using wood and dry dung fuel to battle the freezing cold winter. LPG run heaters, kerosene and even electric heaters are also majorly used. Despite the freezing cold weather, the silver lining for which all the Ladakhis look forward to is the formation of ice rings on the water bodies during the winter. Despite chilly weather, sports enthusiasts reach Leh for sports activities such as ice skating and ice hockey. Ice hockey has become a major sport in Ladakh in the last decade and is enjoyed and loved by people from the all over Ladakh.