Men as savvy as females when it comes to online shopping for fashion

Sydney, Jun. 2 (ANI): Men from Australia are just as likely as women to go online for high fashion.

Australia now has become the third-largest territory, behind the US and the UK for online retailer Mr Porter, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The brother company of the hugely successful British e-tail business Net-A-Porter, the company has experienced a rapid growth since its launch in 2011 and has shipped more than 100,000 dollars worth of Lanvin trainers to Australia while the single most expensive purchase, an 8600 dollar Bottega Veneta leather safari jacket, came from a customer in Tasmania.

Robby Ingham, chief executive of Robby Ingham Group, who has been at the helm of luxury retail in Australia for 30 years, said that over the past 10 years he has witnessed a significant shift in how men shop and what they buy.

He said that the internet has allowed men to explore fashion in private. (ANI)