In the Memory of Late Mother, Kruthika Kumaran Launches All Natural Skincare Brand – Vilvah!

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“A small step towards our goal makes one feel so great”
Creating a clean and sustainable skincare has always been my goal. My Mother wished for it and I’m here fulfilling her desires in the name of “Vilvah”. My late mother was suffering from skin problems for more than a decade. Trying different products from the market made it even worse. We tried our best to cure the skin problems but there was no result and my daughter had eczema a condition with dry skin, at that moment I realized “why don’t we try developing skin-care product on our own.

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I completed my diploma in “Natural Cosmetology”. As I come from Agricultural back-ground Initially I started experimenting with Goat-milk from our own farm, as we all know nothing can be achieved in a single try, after several attempts it was a success we came up with a perfect recipe for a Goat milk soap .We give our best when it comes to our family so this was formulated specially for our family with lots of research.

We think of our customers as family and ever since then, we haven't changed the formulation and we make our products with the same care and dedication as we did for my own family members. The customers loved our products so much as it was really effective and worked for them, so they continued using them. We have introduced different skin and haircare products over-time, all these products are paraben and sulphate free, we make sure not to use any ingredients that are harmful for skin. It takes months to formulate and develop a product, before we launch a product after testing.

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My Husband Mr. Kumaran is the one who turned my passion into a hot cake Vilvah, He is the co-founder of Vilvah who has a Masters in Business Administration from Sydney, Australia . We have different core teams like production, packing, Design and Photography who work in tandem with R&D team. They are passionate about what they do and well experienced in their respective fields. We have invested great resources and time continuously since the start of the company in our strong and focused R&D team, compromised of cosmetic scientists. We firmly believe in providing 100% natural and effective products to our customers and our R&D team ensures that all the products are formulated and developed after extensive testing and analysis. This ensures that we can be absolutely sure that each and every product in our store is the best there could be in the marketplace.

Our main goal is to provide a suitable and top-notch natural skin and hair care products for customer so that our customers do not opt for any products which are chemical based.

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