Melania Trump greets the Macrons with a wide brim hat, sparking wild Twitter humour

FP Staff
Once an absentee first lady, Melania Trump embraced her moment in the spotlight Tuesday for the French president's state visit, ditching her trademark dark sunglasses and shining in a look-at-me white skirt suit and matching hat.

Melania, or more specifically Melania's hat, what were you saying?

The media and the Twitterverse had a big time Tuesday with the first lady's I-spy chapeau, a wide-brim number designed by Herve Pierre that would have been perfect had the sun been out in Washington.

It was a grand topper for Mrs. Trump's bright white Michael Kors suit and some said it stole the show during the South Lawn military pageantry welcoming French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte, during their first official state visit.

Others on the social media sidelines were merely perplexed.

Was the hat more Joan Collins' Alexis Carrington Colby on "Dynasty" or Kerry Washington's Olivia Pope on "Scandal?" Was the grim-faced first lady in theoretical need of help as some asked on Inauguration Day?

Mrs. Trump kept her hat in place as the group moved indoors and also at the National Gallery of Art for a Cezanne break with Mrs. Macron, who wore a creamier shade of white, but no hat.

"Melania's hat for president," one tweeter declared. Others shared the sentiment.

Another chimed in: "Getting some serious Beyonce Formation vibes from Melania's hat this morning." Bey wore a version in black in the video for that hit.

Others on social media stuck to matters of etiquette, like the Twitter account of I'm Every Woman: "Melania's hat might be OK for the races, a runway or even Church, not to wear when greeting visitors when you want to express a warm welcome. You want people to see your eyes and face and not impose an obstacle to the two cheek kiss, a French greeting."

One thing was certain. Mrs. Trump was seriously committed to her hat.

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