Mehul Choksi escalates abduction charge; Hits back with the UK complaint

The story is in context with the ongoing Mehul Choksi's scenario. The fugitive businessman, Mehul Choksi's legal team, has now filed a complaint in the UK against the individuals. They claim part of the alleged abduction of Mehul Choksi from Antigua and Barbuda. The Scotland yard has now initiated a probe into the matter. The complaint identifies four individuals by their name and cites documentary evidence to allege that the fugitive diamond trader was forcibly taken to Dominica. The Scotland Yard has confirmed twice that the referral was made to the war crime unit on the 7th of June. Times Now was told about the complaint relating to the involvement of British Nationals in the kidnaping of Mehul Choksi, whose lawyers alleges he was kidnaped and tortured.

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