Mehul Choksi case: Barbara Jabarica's assertions are false, says wife Priti Choksi

In an interview on Thursday, Priti Choksi, the wife of a fugitive businessman, slammed Barbara Jabarica's assertions against Mehul Choksi. Barbara Jabarica, Mehul's purported lover, has made various sensational charges against him in interviews with Indian media. Priti Choksi slammed her allegation that Mehul introduced himself as Raj, claiming that even a youngster today checks up the identity of his or her pals on the internet, and with technology like "Reverse Google Search" and social media, this would have taken seconds, or are we living in the Stone Age! Furthermore, the surfacing WhatsApp messages may easily be manufactured by modifying the content or using software like Photoshop, and there is no proof to corroborate their legitimacy, according to Priti Choksi.

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