Mehbooba Mufti urges JandK youth to leave guns and start dialogue

Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Democratic Party (JKPDP) chief Mehbooba Mufti on April12 appealed to the youth of Union Territory to leave weapons and start advocating for the welfare of JandK. Underlining the Bodo peace talks in Assam, she also questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not initiating similar peace deals in Kashmir. "We ask our nation to give us back what was snatched away from us. If you want people of Jammu and Kashmir, you'll have to reinstate our honour. There's no other way. I say this to my country. Why does BJP get angry when I say it? Will I ask from Pakistan? If PM Narendra Modi appeals to militants of Assam to join the mainstream and leave their weapons, if talks are held with Boro (Bodo), then what is the difficulty in doing the same in Jammu and Kashmir? Why is there no option besides jail? How long will this injustice continue?," said PDP chief. She further said, "Nobody will understand the language of weapons. If you present your views peacefully, the world will listen to you. If you speak language of guns you'll be killed and you'll gain nothing. I appeal to Jammu and Kashmir youth to leave weapons and talk. They'll have to listen one day."