Mehbooba Mufti Finds These Revelations in Modi’s Candid Chat With Akshay Kumar ‘Hard to Fathom’

New Delhi: PDP chief Mehbboba Mufti remained unimpressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘candid’ interview with Akshay Kumar as she found some of the personal revelations in the “non-political” and “candid” chat too hard to stomach.

Taking to Twitter soon after the interview was aired, the former J&K Chief Minister said it was “hard to fathom” that the Prime Minister did his own laundry and that former US President Barack Obama was his good friend.

“Strange that PM chose to do an informal style interview with an actor. No dearth of news anchors who would bend over backwards to flatter him. Odd to get such personal insights from a person who avoided media through his term. The washing clothes part is a bit hard to fathom,” she said in a tweet, which she later deleted.

mehbooba mufti tweet (1)

Screenshot of the tweet which Mehbooba later deleted.

“Excuse my ignorance but how does one say tu taan in English? I am certain the chai at 7 Lok Kalyan Marg is laced with something special that muddled the mind (sic),” she said in another tweet.

The PM said in the interview said, “I shifted from full-sleeve kurtas to half-sleeves ones as they take less space in the bag whenever I travel.”

When Kumar asked him about his less sleeping hours, PM Modi shared an anecdote and said, "When President Obama met me for the first time he asked me why do you do this? Now whenever we meet he asks me if I have increased the amount of sleep now."

PM Modi, in the candid interview, opened up about a range of topics regarding his personal life, from his love for mangoes to retirement plans.